Sprouting Microgreens - Easy

Sprouted Aotearoad Basil Seeds 17 days old.

Something very cool you can do with Basil Seeds is to sprout them into microgreens. Our Aotearoad Basil Seeds are a whole lot cheaper to buy, than sprouting seeds from the supermarket, health food store or specialty grocer and lucky for us, one of easiest herbs to grow is Ocimum basilicum, or sweet basil.

Sprouting has gathered popularity recently as microgreens show up on salads and menu’s in most of the big names across the city. There are many nutritional benefits of sprouting. After sprouting grains, seeds and legumes, they are recognised in our bodies as vegetables rather than starches. The sprouting process reduces the presence of ‘anti-nutrients’ such as phytates. It breaks down complex starches and produces enzymes which aid digestion. Sprouting creates another vegetable to add to your daily intake!

In New Zealand, now that spring has sprung, you are even able to start growing these seeds outdoors. My sister Sylvia put our organic Basil seeds to the test in a large planting tray at her Whangarei home over the last few weeks. This is how they went.

7 Days after sowing

9 Days

11 Days

17 Days and ready to start harvesting!

Close up of the the delicious microgreens..

Sprouted Aotearoad Basil Seeds 17 days old.

Basil should be grown in a place that gets sun at least six to eight hours per day. The soil should be well-drained with a pH of 6-7.5.

The best time to plant basil seeds is when all danger of frost has passed in the spring. Every region within New Zealand has a different climate, so when to plant basil seeds can differ a little.

Growing basil seeds is not difficult. Sow basil plant seeds evenly by covering them with about ½ cm of soil. Keep the soil moist.

The growing basil seeds should germinate within a week. The seedling can be recognized by D-shaped seed leaves that will have the flat sides facing toward each other. Start eating from day 15 onwards! They have an amazing aroma and fresh taste. Yum.

Sprouting seeds is fun and it is amazing to see how quickly they grow each day. One thing for sure these healthy little microgreens will be a staple on our salads going forward. Job done!

Peace, Love & Basil Seeds.