1 x 100% Cotton Face Mask

1 x Wool Filter

1 x Stainless Steel Nose Wire


Great to wear on days when you may be feeling unwell to help prevent the spreading of viruses via droplets*. Apart from wearing it during an outbreak, our face masks would be good for motorcyclists, cyclists and whoever needs to travel in congested traffic. Masks are handmade in NZ, 100% natural cotton and 100% cotton calico lining. They come complete with side insert pocket complete with a HELIX.iso™ wool-based filter in side and nose wire for a snug fit. The inserted HELIX.iso™ wool-based filters have been tested by a science technology venture based in Auckland that has spent a decade developing its organic/hybrid HELIX.iso™ Filter Media, based on the science of DNA genetics from specially selected sheep flocks that have been bred in NZ to produce a truly unique and high performing wool fibre optimised for filtration. The HELIX.iso™ filter omit virus-sized particles up to 80% using one layer of filter and higher filtration power if 2-layers were used. When you buy an Aotearoad face-mask a percentage of profits will be used to get masks out to those in need. Let's get together and help communities most at risk in New Zealand. Please follow Instagram and Facebook for details. *This cotton mask itself is not a PPE certified, the inserted filter has been tested by the filter manufacturer to omit viruses up to 80% using one layer of filter. The same HELIX™ filtration technology platform is currently used in various devices and PPE. One filter is included and additional filters can be purchased separately in refill packs.

Teen Mask

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  • After use please remove the wool filter. Then machine on a warm wash or hand wash. When your mask is dry add another filter for extra protection.  You can iron after washing but be careful not to iron the elastic straps. 

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